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Zap Acne Spot Treatment Device

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Item# 12618-C
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Zap your zits away in just one day

The Tanda Zap combines the same powerful blue light technology used by dermatologists with sonic vibration and gentle warming to clear or fade mild to moderate acne blemishes within 24 hours.

•Clears existing breakouts
•Starts clearing blemishes immediately
•Gentle enough for all skin types and tones
•No irritation, dryness or redness
•Dermatologist recommended

Acne breakouts occur when hormonal changes cause our sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum (oil), P. acnes bacteria feed on the sebum and multiply, clogged pores trap the multiplying P. acnes bacteria and white blood cells move in to fight off the invading bacteria -the result, a pimple. Blue LED light has been clinically proven to kill acne-causing P. acnes bacteria, clearing existing blemishes and preventing future outbreaks.

The Zap uses a combination of powerful blue light with sonic vibration and gentle warming for clinically proven clearing results.

Color:Pink White Blue

How To Use

Step 1: Cleanse your skin
Step 2: Press the orange power button
Step 3: Lightly place over blemish until vibration stops (2 minutes).
Repeat 2-3 times daily


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