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Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip

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Item# 13112

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New Zealand Volcanic Clay cultivate a smooth, pposong, 3D three-dimensional sereen that can be imposing in the flawless doll skin project.It has strong blackhead and oily secretion absorption properties. Supported with pore minimizing ingredients, the Charocal Pore Strip will leave your skin feeling tight and smooth.


Made in Korea 

How To Use
1.Remove strip from pouch. Twist strip to loosen and separate slits prior to use. 2.After washing your face, thoroughly wet your nose. The strip won't stick on a dry nose. 3.Dry hands, peel strip off plastic liner. Apply to nose area, smooth side down, pressing down to ensure 4.Let dry for about 10~15 munutes until stiff to the touch.good contact with skin. 5.Slowly and carefully peel off starting at edges, pulling toward center.
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