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Hybrid Gel Oil Set (Special Treatment)

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Item# 21521

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The Ginza Hybrid Gel Oil Set (Special Treatment)

A special treatment set of HYBRID GEL OIL(actual-size product) and a limited-edition soap for skin refinement. The soap reveals translucent, dewy skin and the gel oil serum inspires healthy, lustrous skin with a rosy glow. Presented with a soap tray.

The Ginza Hybrid Gel Oil

The fashion boutique THE GINZA first set out to create premium cosmetics unlike anything that anyone had ever seen or touched.

In November 2002, products infused with the sophiscated aesthetics of a fashion boutique and brimming with Shiseido science and technology were revealed to the world as THE GINZA cosmetics.

THE GINZA is skincare that continues to challenge the innate possibilities of the skin through superb moisture and quality woven with the DNA of Ginza,a city that has always been at the forefront of the times.

Made in Japan

The Ginza Soap 90g

How to care:

The Ginza Hybrid Gel Oil:

Use the product after applying beauty essence.
Press the dispenser once or twice onto the palm and spread the serum over the skin by massaging with both palms.

The Ginza Soap:

When using on face
Add lukewarm water to the soap and foam up well in palm of hands.
Wash the face by wrapping the face with foam and then thoroughly rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

When using on body:

Apply soap on body brush or body towel and foam up.
Wash the body by gliding foam gently on the body and then thoroughly rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Made in Japan

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