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Applezone Butterfly Mask

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Item# 13217
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Too Cool for School Applezone Butterfly Mask is for all skin type . It is of excellent adherence which provides intensive care for apple zone and laugh lines.Excellent moisturizing & tone-up effect for apple zone and laugh lines.

Zone spreading from eyes down to 1cm underneath cheekbones around eye area, the apple zone is a basic 
element to have beautiful skin. Skin texture over the apple zone tends to be thin and easily dry; its relatively prominent position makes the area more easily exposed to the sun rays, easily leading to the creation of discoloration and blotches. Such dark and uneven looking skin tone of the apple zone makes the entire face appear more discolored and clean

1 pair

Made in Korea 

How To Use
Remove a film sheet from the backside of mask and place is onto the eye area for 10 minutes. After removing the mask, lightly pat the remaining to get absorbed

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Location: Frenkendorf, Basel-Landschaft
Refreshing 9.21.15
Probabley beacuse of the package, but I've expected a jelly-type blue mask. but it was a normal white sheet mask. wich doesn't matter at all but it would be kinda cool if it would be like this. However the mask itself is great. very refreshing, very moisturizing. I was happy with the results. What I don't like is that the shape doesn't fit well. if it fits on the nose then it stands away from the under-eye area, if I adjust it there it stands away from the nose.... not very handy. Too cool for school please work on this. Thats why I give 4 stars.
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