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VEGIE Red Tablet Tomato & Ginger Night Diet Supplements

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Evolving Tomato for modern and sophisticated diet – lycopene for 90 pcs of tomatoes are condensed into Vegie.

Burn the fat by eating a lot, that is the philosophy of Vegie. Instead of stoically exercising only to feel more and more appetite, first just you should eat a lot to store the energy to burn the unnecessary fat.

In tomato, containing along with traditional Vitamin C, a variety of minerals and alimentary fiber    are abundantly contained such as aforementioned lycopene, 13-oxo-9,11-octadecadienoic acid, which would promote the metabolism while making is smooth for the blood circulation. 

Through smooth metabolism with Tomatoes, burning the fat effectively and just discharge the unnecessary things daily into the washroom.

90 pcs (x 250 mg)

Made in Japan 

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