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10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

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Item# 13682
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What makes a brush irresistible?


We started by meticulously analyzing different textures, materials, and forms for the perfect brush. We held innumerable discussions about our final product and loved every moment of it. No detail was too small.

Our brushes are the product of a painstaking development process, endless revisions, countless cups of coffee, and immeasurable dedication. Each brush is carefully carved out of solid pieces of wood, dipped in lacquer seven times, and assembled by hand. Each brush is unique and unforgettable from the moment you touch it.


What’s Included:

Powder Brush x 1                  HD Concealer Brush x 1

Contour Brush x 1                  Shader Brush x 1

Flattop Brush x 1                   Blending Brush x 1

Foundation Brush x 1              Tapered Eye Brush x 1

Detail & Angled Brow/Liner Brush x 1

Signature travel case & brush stand x 1


Signature Travel Case & Brush Stand

Slender portfolio style carrying case that is ideal for travel.  With its measurement being smaller than a hardcover book, it will surely become a stable in your suitcase.  Don’t travel much? Use the case as a brush display! 



Area: Face & Décolletage

Shape: Large fluffed 

Fiber: Natural hair with affinity to powders

Recommended Use: For finish powders and all over face blending. Designed to pick up optimal amount of product.

HD Concealer

Area: Under eyes, small delicate areas

Shape: Medium Domed

Fiber: Ultra soft mixed synthetic

Recommended use: Effortlessly blend liquid, and cream concealers without tug.  Can also be used for precision placement of setting powder, or precision highlighting and contouring.


Area: Cheeks

Shape: Angled with fluffy rounded tip

Fiber: Soft natural hair with affinity to powders

Recommended use: Use the angled brush to accentuate the natural contour of your face. Can also be used for blush.


Area: Eyes

Shape: Medium paddle with fluffy tip

Fiber: Ultra soft natural hair

Recommended use: Use for applying and blending powder shadows


Area: Face & Décolletage

Shape: Flat Top

Fiber: Ultra soft mixed synthetic

Recommended use: Effortlessly blend liquid, cream, or powder products.


Area: Eyes, Face

Shape: Oval Fluffy round tip

Fiber: Soft natural with affinity to powders and liquids

Recommended use: Flawlessly blend eye shadows to create a seamless transition between colors.  Can be used with small amounts of liquid products for precision concealing.


Area: Face

Shape: Flat paddle rounded tip

Fiber: Soft mixed synthetic

Recommended use: Apply liquid or cream products for large area coverage.  Can also be used for application of primers and color correcting products.

Tapered Eye

Area: Eyes

Shape: Pointed pencil with tapered tip

Fiber: Medium firm natural and synthetic mix

Recommended use: Apply defined eye colors for cut crease look or use to blend shadows together.  Can also be used for placing shadow for lower lash line.


Area: Eyes, lash line

Shape: Small rounded tapered paddle

Fiber: Firm synthetic

Recommended use: Placing detailed cream, liquid or powder products near and around the eyes.  Perfect for inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line.

Angled liner/Brow

Area: Eyes, Brows

Shape: Flat, Angled

Fiber: Ultra firm synthetic

Recommended use: Designed with the perfect firmness to duo as liner or brow brush.  Use with gel, liquid, or cream products to precisely line the lash lines.  Can also be used with powder or gel products for defining the brows.


Assembled in USA   


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