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Yamamoto Kanpo 山本漢方

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Barley Grass Green Juice 100% Aojiru (44 pack) (Gift With Shaker)

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Item# 13476

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YAMAMOTO KANPO Barley Grass Green Juice 100% Aojiru (44 pack) (Gift With Shaker)

Yamamoto Barley Grass Green Juice 100%  is made from whole young barley leaves, which have been ground. As a result, it only contains very fine quality of fibers. No preservatives affect the taste. Since it is powdered, it easily dissolves in water. It tastes so delicious, that you’ll want to drink it every day. 

AOJIRU is ideal for those who do not consume enough vegetable, are suffering from constipation, and would like to have a clean colon.

3g x 44 packs

Made in Japan 

Exp: 08/2018

How To Use
Take 1-3 packs per day and mix with hot or cold water (10-20 oz)

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Location: Philadephia, Pennsylvania
不错 8.25.17

Location: Urbana, Illinois
还行吧 8.23.16
抹茶粉的味道挺重 不难喝 没看到有什么具体的效果 冲泡后多少会有一点沉淀

Location: Tarzana, California
好喝,通畅 6.18.15
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