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Botanical Spring Body Soap & Body Gel Set - Moist (Sakura Limited)

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Item# 22129

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Botanist Botanical Spring Body Soap & Body Gel Set - Moist (Sakura Limited)

Botanical body soap cleanses your body gently with considerate soap ingredients. Over 90% of the ingredients are naturally derived; that are made out of pure water and plant derived ingredients. The soap lathers into creamy-rich bubbles and washes away impurities and grime gently with a delightful fresh scent. Your skin brings back natural glow.

The magical sakura scented petal-like gel mimics the "dancing of cherry blossoms" and gives you an experience of "Blossom shower". The petal- like gel moisturizes the skin and leads to high quality gloss and transparency. At the same time as the petal-like gel fits on your skin, you will feel a fragrance capsule and feel the smell of spring more. Botanical butter milk contains plant essence leading to fresh moist skin, and 3 types of hyaluronic acid with high infiltration / sustaining / water retention effect are compounded. It delivers moisture straight to the skin that tends.

Body Soap 490ml + Body Gel 200ml

Made in Japan

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