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Collagen Enriched

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Item# 21565
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MTG Collagen Enriched 

MTG COLLAGEN ENRICH, even collagen research and technology development capabilities, leading manufacturer of the world's leading also in raw materials procurement capabilities, was born by the joint development of the Fujifilm.
Among them the focused from its rarity, very high purity, and low molecular weight collagen normally not used to drink.
Of the collagen, it was granted a high concentration formulations.
Of the quality of MTG in height, there is attention.

This high concentration is  unique. Was granted a 160,000mg as high concentration formulation, seems, beautiful single bottle.
Density that could be based on the realization of ideas and high technology development capabilities.
In the further quality, there is a reason to want to hand.

How to use:

Please ingested per day 15ml as a guide.

A guide there will line the inside of the accessory of the cup, please drink every day continued easy time zone poured into the cup.


Made in Japan

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