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Mini Diamond Box Table Honey - 2 Jar Set (Mexican Orange and White Clover)

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Item# 22697
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HACCI Mini Diamond Box Table Honey - 2 Jar Set(Mexican Orange and White Clover)

HACCI 1912 is a premium skincare brand that uses honey as its key ingredient. The honey is from Mizutani Yohoen Co. which has been operating one of the top bee farms in the country for over 100 years. Their products have skin whitening properties due to its high vitamin C content and prevent moisture loss while treating acne by killing acne related bacteria.

Mexican Orange honey:

The taste and fragrance of this honey collected from an orange grove nourished by the bright sun is popular among all ages.

Canadian White Clover Creamy

It is honey collected from white flower flowers. I made it as smooth as a cream of flowers by crystallizing while slowly kneading up at a low temperature of 30 degrees. It is characterized by good compatibility with butter.

95g x 2

Made in Japan

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