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Phytotune Foaming Wash

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Cosme Decorte Phytotune Foaming Wash

The new series phytotune plant rhythm, suitable for all skin types, especially aging young light skin, large pores and improve water and oil imbalance caused due to dry. Improve skin elasticity softness, gentle removal of aging skin, but does not irritate the skin. Thick rich foam, can sebum inside the pores are brought out, herbal floral fragrance, use good sense. Sensitive muscle is also available. Genie in the product in the first amino acid cleansing, use GGB mode, focusing on inter-cell function moisturizing substance layer. Improve water and oil balance of skin, the stratum corneum moisture each cell, so that the skin regains its clarity. Improve skin texture, so that the pores are no longer obvious, revealing skin luster. Thick elastic bubbles can nourish gently clean the skin, without bubbles, wash the skin care at the same time.

How to use:
After the first wet face, then pressed three times the weight, the foam covering comprehensive clean gentle massage, and then rinse with water.

Made in Japan

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