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Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion (300ml) (蘑菇版)

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Item# 17975
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Cosme Decorte Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion (300ml)

COSME DECORTE Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion with antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory power, metabolism, circulation force all in one comprehensive put an end to the beginning of the pseudo-old phenomenon. Carefully selected Labiatae herb extracts - sage extract, perilla leaf extract, wild thyme and rosemary water, once enhance the skin antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammatory power, metabolism, circulation force, effectively improve due to seasonal and disorders of the skin condition caused by the environment, is a skin conditioning can be healthy and stable sarcoplasmic leading high-performance lotion. Not only can effectively detox purify the skin, but also provides follow-up care synergistic efficacy; charming, fresh and elegant aroma, completely heal physical and spiritual exhaustion, skin texture and vitality mood this infinitely beautiful cycle.


Made in Japan


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