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TRANSINO White C (120tablet)

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What is Transino White C?

It is a Japanese whitening formula in the form of tablets. This product is going to amaze you with its results on your skin. You only need consistency to obtain one of the most difficult achievements when related to skin problems. This Transino White C tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C among its main ingredients as well as L-Cysteine, Vitamin B2 and B12. So, just by checking the ingredients, you know already that the product has immense antioxidant and hydrant properties for the health of your skin.

This great product was created by Daiichi Sankyo to help you recover your skin from some serious natural darkening skin conditions such as freckles as the most common one, spots and some other affection related with melanin. You could finally get rid of your dark spots without an aggressive treatment or weird creams, just taking daily doses and that’s it. It also works wonderfully on those annoying freckles all over your body, face and even your back! There is no magic in here, only science and a great product waiting for you to try it at the reach of your hand, at the other side of a computer to be shipped to you.

How does Transino White C work?

You don’t need to do anything or know anything at all. You just take 3 pills twice a day after your meal with a big glass of water, and that’s it! The effects are obvious on the first few days after ingesting the product and all its vitamins! Remember having a perfect skin is real easy thanks to this great Transino White C. Years ago obtaining this results would have been nearly impossible but today is not just possible but too easy, just take a few pills every day and your life is never going to be the same.

Additionally, you would be ingesting vitamins, especially Vitamin C which is going to help you not only with your skin but your health in general. With this product in your table, you can say good bay forever to the flu. Your immune system is going to be receiving a nice amount of good things to keep everything out of you in a total check.

Also, your skin is never going to be that protected from solar light which is the causing of many of your dark spots if not of, all of them. Solar light is also the major factor in the increasing of freckles on the face, shoulders, arms and chest in general.

Why use Transino White C?

This product is not just a whitening result it is more than that is suppressing melanin production to prevent new freckles from appearing! The same happens with dark spots. With this mixture of vitamin C, E and L-Cysteine you will start having a defense line between getting your skin affected by solar light and maintaining your original skin tone.

Using this product is so much easier that wearing tons of solar protection formula! And it’s also more affordable and convenient. You will be fixing one obvious problem, avoiding the same problem from reappearing and in addition to that, you’ll gain a few extra benefits for your health in general.

And the deal-breaker is that Transino White C does not have any side effect at all. It’s perfectly safe and efficient plus the number of positive reviews of people that have already used it and have got the results they wanted. So, what are you waiting for? Order this product and have it in your house in the next couple days! There has never been a perfect moment to start taking care of your skin than now!

How to use:

4 tablets a day (2 tablets after breakfast & dinner) w/ cold or warm water


Made in Japan

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