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Multivitamin (30 Days)

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DHC Multivitamin (30 Days)

"Multi-vitamin" of DHC is, vitamin C, of course, folic acid, 12 types of the vitamin to work and complemented each each other, such as vitamin E, it is a supplement that was formulated well-balanced vitamin P to help the work of vitamin C. Vitamin all 12 types that formulation, not only to clear the specifications and standards of the Food and Nutrition Features stipulated by the country, compounding the 100 to 320% of the nutrient reference value display. In one day recommended dose standing was a grain, it can be efficiently ingested together scarce vitamins to modern people. In addition, about 13 yen per day ※ has become and as easy to continue every day price. If one and eating out often do not eat too much of the vegetables of course, busy people tend to be irregular life, is recommended for those health of the future is a concern

Health and Beauty, it is not essential in keeping the youth vitamin. But collapse diet and was the nutritional balance of modern people, by the decrease in the amount of vitamins contained in the material itself, it has become it is difficult to ingest the required amount. "Multi-vitamin" is a 12 kinds of supplements that balanced mix in 1 grain vitamins that work to help each other each other. Vitamin P is also positive to help the function of vitamin C. In one day a grain, it will be able to compensate with ease.

"Multi-vitamin" is, vitamin A, vitamin B group, including folic acid, C, E, such as 12 kinds of vitamin D, plus vitamin P (vitamin-like substances) that help the function of vitamin C

1 grain guideline / 30 days 1 day

Made in Japan

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