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Esthe Pro Labo Seven Factor Gelee Pro

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Item# 19808

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Esthe Pro Labo Seven Factor Gelee Pro

“SEVEN FACTOR Gelée PRO.”contains 7,600μg of proteoglycan. This is the material which is known for the outstanding hydrophilic property and for many beauty improvement effects. Also, this material is known for the premium price. Until about ten years ago, the price was 30 million yen per gram. Other materials in“SEVEN FACTOR Gelée PRO.”are low-molecular-weight fish collagen, rice ceramide, hyaluronic acid, enzyme stock solution(fermented by 113 domestic plants)and carefully-selected herb extracts. Agar and konjac extracted from seaweed are also added to give you a smooth taste. The sweet flavor of fruit and agave, mingled with the mellow taste of sour, leaves you an unforgettable aftertas.

For people who

  • Want to be free from saggy skin
  • Want to be in the best of spirits
  • Want to be full of vigor every day
  • Want never-fading beauty
  • Want healthy beauty
  • Want to maintain sinuous graceless
  • Want high-end beauty nutrition

600g (20g×30 bags)

Made in Japan

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