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White Force Drink (NEW)

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FANCL White Force Drink (NEW)

This beauty supplement promotes luminous, beautiful skin. It features a blend of artichoke extract and patent ingredient, hydroxytyrosol and L-cystine that activate on the initial stage of sun damage, and helps skin regain its luminosity and beauty. Contains vitamin C and niacin that focus on skin luminosity. It features pine extract that contains phytol and ceramide to activate on skin discoloration that results from inner dry skin. It contains glycosyltransferase hesperidin that provides 3 times more permeation power than hesperidin. This results in fast permeation that isi unique to supplement drinks, allowing the beauty ingredients to go through your body more efficiently.

[Recommended Daily Intake] 1 bottle per day. (30ml)

Main Ingredients: Erythritol, artichoke extract powder, olive leaf extract powder, pineapple extract (contains soy) / vitamin C, acidifier, glycosyltransferase hesperidin, fragrance, L-cystine, polysaccharide thickener, niacinamide, sweetener (acesulfame potassium, sucralose). Nutritional information: 1 bottle per day. (30ml) Energy...4.5kcal. Protein...0.03g. Fat...0g. Carbohydrate...4.3g (carbohydrate...4.2g, fiber...0.09g). Sodium...0.11g. Niacin...15mg. Vitamin C...300mg. Ingredients: 1 bottle per day. (30ml) Pine extract with Phytol and ceramide...6000μg (Phytol:30μg)(glucosyl ceramide:1200μg)hydroxytyrosol...20mg L-cystine...10mg, artichoke extract powder...150mg, glycosyltransferase hesperidin...250mg, caffeine...0mg.

30ml x 10 bottles

Made in Japan

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