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MOTELINER Liquid Eyeliner (Black Brown) @Cosme

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Flowfushi MOTELINER Liquid Eyeliner (Black Brown)

Kumano combined staff person pen technology ☆ "Artisan" completely overthrow the traditional eyeliner pencil exquisite sense

Japan's top technology origin Kumano brushes, not only has many exquisite traditional crafts pens, pens internationally renowned staff person, treasure Pen technology has been widely applied to all levels, wherein Kumano brushes are already many Visitors come to buy goods specified in Hiroshima, now more US cosmetics brand will combine Kumano Pen technology, launched the so-called subversive eyeliner fate of "Artisan" fine eyeliner!
Japan Professional Beauty brand "FLOWFUSHI" launched in mid-October this year, the ultimate challenge mascara mascara MOTEMASCARA new patterns, and listed just three weeks to reach the scheduled three months reached 550,000 sales results ; great success of this wave of new patterns of goods, but also to FLOWFUSHI seem reassured, and then taking advantage of the introduction of the same name, "overthrow the traditional eyeliner sense" new patterns eyeliner year 11/11.

Advertising color and texture all refreshing "Mote Liner", not only has high texture bottle design; from the appearance of eyeliner, brush, dosage form to color, more emphasis on thorough integration of the "Artisan" exquisite technology. Taking into consideration women's grip and convenient, especially eyeliner invited famous Japanese big hand stationery club, developed the world's first ergonomic octagonal-based eyeliner bottle, not only can easily manipulate, depict, even beginners can quickly get started.

Eyeliner make itself referred to the Japan proud of Kumano pen staff person personally designed the building, from the nuances of soft and hard, gross amount of the bristles are uncompromising, the purpose is to create a "make your eyes feel to bristle delicate gentle tingling in no way use, anywhere to create the ultimate commodity various eyeliner makeup "is.

Eyeliner gross amount "Mote Liner" used was 1.4 times the normal eyeliner, and blends as four different wool hardness bristles, so that the gap between the bristles whereby more delicate, whether or thick lines smooth and delicate rose eyeliner, can easily be done!

The eyeliner launched a total of 3 colors, in pigment use, FLOWFUSHI also observed that many Italian women where pigmentation, eyeliner and other issues difficult to unload, FLOWFUSHI proposed solution is free of pigmentation ingredient Eucalyptus patented pigment Instead, not only can not afford to say goodbye to unload liner dilemma, FLOWFUSHI are ingredients added to help maintain the eyes and eyelashes recipe, and have a water-resistant sweat-proof, anti-sebum and other effects; as long as when dismounted Use hot water can easily wash, all-round performance is expected endless!

"Mote Liner" in 3 color number are dark, dark brown and brown; and finally I believe we are most concerned about is, regardless of the angle from which to view this, almost all the highest specification dozen new patterns eyeliner gift presentation, exactly how much the asking price; I believe in the launch order is bound to once again create a wave of sales success! Regardless of whether, as the practical effects of the same magical product development philosophy stated, it is very much worth a try!

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