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Honey Soap - 80g

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HACCI 1912 Honey Soap

HACCI’s best-selling face soap containing more honey than anyone thought possible.

Regular box size.
This face soap contains more honey than anyone thought possible. Gently massage your skin with the rich foam containing microscopic air bubbles created by quality honey to open pores for a complete cleansing experience. After rinsing, your skin will look soft and translucent, with a hint of rose in the complexion. Other than pores and dull skin, this soap can also be used on the entire body to treat hardened skin on the upper chest areas, elbows, knees as well as acne on the back, etc.


In most cases, conventional soap made from honey actually contains less than 1% honey. This is because ordinary soap base will not harden when adding more than a certain amount of honey. Since we wanted to create the ultimate face soap containing a lavish amount of quality honey, we developed a special base capable of adding 10% or more honey. HACCI’s Honey Face Soap is carefully made one at a time by slowly adding honey to the base.


Since foam with large air bubbles can actually irritate the skin, foam with microscopic air bubbles kind to your skin was developed. A special soap base was developed by combining a base with from palm oil and base made from fatty-acid synthesis. The framed soap created with this base hardened slowly and carefully over a period of 90 days or more produces foam with microscopic air bubbles when lathering and cleans deep into the pores.



Made in Japan

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