KIRIBAI Body Warmer (10pc)


KIRIBAI Body Warmer (10pc)

Keep your Body Warm for whole daytime

Product Features

  • Keep your body warm for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Long-lasting warming effect for 14 hours

Directions of Use

  • Tear to open the package only before use. Tear off the plastic film and stick on the underwear surface without shaking or rubbing the product. Do not stick on skin directly.
  • Do not use in the situations below: During sleeping, under the blanket, electric carpet, near stove, heater, any source of heat.

Ingredients: Iron Powder, Water, Active Carbon, Vermiculite, Absorbent Resin, Salt

● Suitable for keeping the body warm during indoor or outdoor activities.

● Highest Temperature: 63℃ ● Average Temperature: 53℃ ● Effect: 14 hours (Period of time that heat can maintain at above 40℃)

Size: 13 cm × 9.5 cm(10 pieces)

Made in Japan

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Brand Kiribai
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