KIRIBAI Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

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KIRIBAI Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

Steam pillow will stay warm for 10-15 minutes

Enjoy the steam from natural red and mung beans inside the pillow. The gentle steam will open pores and allow relaxation in the tired eyes. Recommended for those who use computers for work. 

Use in conjunction with the shoulder pillow for an ultimate spa treatment at work or at home. 

1 Pair
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Brand Kiribai
How To Use
How to Use:
Microwave this mask with the words facing down (this is the side that's not touching your eyes) for about 30 seconds on 600 Watt or 40 seconds on 500. If you see Japanese words appear on the lighter and softer side of the mask (the one you put onto your eyes) then the mask is too hot and shouldn't be used until the words disappear.
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