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Delicate Care Soap (Women)

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Item# 13331
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Delicate Care Soap (Women)

Natural and Handmade Soap for Intimate Moments

Discover the Natural Care forYour Delicate Zone (Intimate Moments)

Additive-freeHypoallergenicNaturalHandmadeMade in Japan 

Contains 92% Natural Ingredients + Beauty Ingredients 

Treat your delicate zonegently with natural hypoallergenic soap……

Let’s start a new routine with Loveale!

What is Loveale?

Loveale is an additive-freehypoallergenicsoap that is specifically designed for your delicate zone. It is formulated with plant-derived ingredients and handmade in Japan. Loveale gives you peace of mind for your delicate zone care.

Naturally-derived herbal extractshelp moisturizedelicate skin, prevent dryness, and maintain good hygiene. Plant-derived foam cleans impurities that can causeof odor and skin darkening.

Did you know? Cleansing delicate zone is daily routine in the West!

In Europe and America, most women start using delicate care soap since their teenage.Delicate zone is highly sensitive that can create various troubles. Cleansing delicate zone withhypoallergenic soap is just an everyday thing in the West.

Whyuse a special soap?

Regular bar soapor liquid body soap contains higher levels of irritants and detergency. Using such soap for your delicate zone leads to damage sebum barrier and wash away good bacteria. Lowering self-cleansing ability increases tendency of bacterial infection, inflammation, odor, skin darkening, or itching.Hypoallergenic soap that is specifically designed for your delicate zone protects good bacteria and sebum barrier to maintain self-cleansing ability and moisture levels of your skin.

Let’s start a new routine!

Treat your delicate zone right with delicate care soap!

Start delicate zone care and wash your troubles away. Good Bye for these troubles!

□ Odor  □Skin darkening

□Itching  □ Moisture

□ Discharge □ Genital Hair

□ Irritation  □ Dryness

□ Discomfort during period

□Discomfort associated with discharge during pregnancy

□ Discomfort associated with lochia after birth

□ Discomfort associated with incontinence 

□ Dryness in postmenopausal

■Afraid to get intimate.

■Negative towards sex.

■Anxious about odor after using the restroom.

■Feel discomfort during changing underwear.

Lovealefocused on providing delicate care soap that is super-gentle on your skin. Loveale is additive-free,hypoallergenic, formulated with plant-derived ingredients and handmade in Japan.                                                                                                                                        

6 special features ofLoveale Delicate Care Soap

①     Plant-derived natural beauty ingredients - Hypoallergenicingredients -

   ・6Lovealeoriginal ingredients

   ・10 kinds of naturally-derived herbal extracts

   ・Plant-derived oil (Mineral oil is not added into the neat soap. Palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are combined).

②     Additive-free - 10 additive-free ingredients -

③     Made in Japan

④     Cold process method (Low temperature method)

⑤     Handmade

⑥     Lovealefor Men


Made in Japan 

LOVEALE Delicate Care Soap

How To Use

● Wet area.

●Wet the attached foaming net and make lather addingwater or lukewarm water.

● Apply foam onto delicate zone or concerned area and wash with your fingers gently.

● Rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.



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Love this soap 7.7.14
I love this soap!
I used to use this soap in Japan, and I have been looking for this soap in the US. Finally I could find this!!

I love this soap since it is an additive-free hypoallergenic, hand-made and all is made in Japan.
Very gentle! No any irritation and itching.


Location: TORONTO, Ontario
泡沫多无刺激 4.26.14
非常漂亮的package贴心的附有起泡网 用起来完全不刺激 洗完也不会干燥很保湿
Good product 1.22.14
It's so sweet to be included foaming net inside the package. The bubbles are very creamy and feeling tender after cleaning. Love it!
Good product 1.19.14
原本想說是肥皂產品, 擔心不好起泡, 結果包裝內有附發泡網, 真的很貼心. 使用起來很溫和, 不刺激. 滋潤度也夠, 巔覆了以往肥皂清潔完乾澀的問題. 而且用量也很省, 打溼的發泡網輕輕搓揉幾下就有很多綿密的泡泡了 it!!
I love it! 1.15.14
The soap smells good, not too strong but just right. After I use the soap, feel so fresh. I'm lucky that I met this soap! I'll keep use for sure.
Love this product! 11.29.13
I love this product! The fresh citrus sent definitely add more fun to my shower time.

Since it is all natural and additive-free, I can use it as delicate zone care without any worries. My skin feel fresh and clean. I do not feel any irritation or dryness :)
滋润 11.18.13

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