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Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 4:57:02 PM

refa carat


We would like to introduce the queen of beauty devices, ReFa Carat. This product came in first on Rakuten rankings and was even featured various magazines and newspapers!

Here's what was published in Nikkei Shimbun:

"Tightens your skin beautifully with deep but sharp movements.These double drainage rollers were inspired by kneading massages performed at aesthetic salons. The rollers will firmly lift up your skin and gently rub them down. It’s great when you use them while relaxing in the bath tub. Just feel them tighten and massage your skin!"

Product Review From  Chikako Kaku (Japanese actress)

“I was amazed at how the rollers just lift up your skin so much! It’s better to try it out yourself instead of hearing others talk about it. I can’t explain well how good it feels when you roll Refa Carat over your face!
It’s pretty exciting when your first hold the product in your hand and see how shiny those rollers are. I got even more excited when I tried it on my skin and felt my skin really lift up!
Thanks to the design, you can also use this thing on other parts, such as your arms!
To tell you the truth, I participated in the development of this product, but I was very surprised at how passionate everyone was. It’s thanks to them that this product was able to improve so much.”

The New 3D Model

1. A multi-angle design to imitate the movements of aestheticians.
This 3D model was created in order to reenact the complicated movements of kneading massages. It will fit deeply into your skin, flushing out the toxins in your body and caring for your skin.
2. Double drainage rollers.
These rollers are gentle to the skin and can be used by people with delicate or sensitive skin. The diamond cuts on the surface are both pleasing to the eye and to the skin.
3. Arc handle that allows you to adjust the angle at which the rollers work on the skin, thus improving its effectiveness.
4. Carry Current Bearing
An individually developed bearing that boosts the roller’s smoothness and contains conductive nano particles that will make the microcurrent more effective.
5. Waterproofing that surpasses the JIS standard. Can be used even in bath tubs.

The Secret To Beauty
The human skin carries a weak electric current. This current helps your skin stay beautiful and healthy. ReFa Carat has succeeded in creating microcurrents by using the light absorbed by its solar panels, which it similar to the current in your skin. 

Aesthetic Method
A 3D model developed to copy the hand movements of professional aestheticians. Like kneading massages, which involve grabbing the skin and kneading it, the two rollers will gently pressure your skin and make you even more beautiful.

 Aesthetic Benefits

Platinum Coat
The rollers are coated with platinum, thus allowing those with delicate skin to enjoy them too. Platinum is heat and acid-resistant and so its shine will last for a long time.



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