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Spongeables 6 in 1 beauty treatment
Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 8:48:07 PM

       Spongeables® mission is to provide people with products that transform ordinary tasks of everyday life to exciting and enjoyable experiences.

       Spongeables® Anti-Cellulite Body Wash is a 6 in 1 beauty treatment

Customer Comment
Posted on 8.17.19
I was in a boot for 6 months with a bkeron ankle, my right shoulder, neck and upper back were killing me for a long time now. I bought these dots and i swear it feels like a life changing experience. I can sit for over an hour and not tyr to crack, or stretch something. This really is an amazing product. I put a few on my ankle too but it does not work as good as it does on my neck and shoulder area. GO GET THESE
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