POLA B.A Cream (2020 New Packaging)

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POLA B.A Cream (2020 New Packaging)

Provides abundant moisture and a three-dimensional*3 glow to the skin, for firm skin bursting with vitality.

Focusing on an epigenomics approach to awaken ageless vital-beauty. This is a system where genes undergo change just as identical twins who carry the same genes grow up to have different characteristics based on their lifestyle choices and environmental changes. With this mechanism in mind, POLA established the Epi-Firmness Network to aim for firm skin full of vitality.

We are one of the first companies to perform research on skin damage caused by glycation
POLA’s life science research focused on glycation for the first time in the industry as a phenomenon that causes skin dullness.
We discovered that addressing glycation, which causes skin damage, prevents yellowing and leads to skin clarity.

Made in Japan

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