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B.A The Tablet (3 Month)

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Item# 18166

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Pola B.A The Tablet (3 Month)

As the name suggests is to make the skin becomes like sugar as fragile, prone to yellowing. Mainly because the skin residual sugar factor can make the collagen fiber breakage yellow, into a "collagen yolk", causing yellowing skin, relaxation. Simple to describe like rusty spring loses its elasticity. So, glycated collagen can damage the skin color and luster, so that muscle age revealed the culprit.

How to use:
Every morning take two
Can and pola while taking whitening pills, before eating a meal adjusted according to individual circumstances,
Natural ingredients, no side effects on the body. This product has no hormones, no side effects.
VE, VC, maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, acid-based, maintaining cellular health nutrients.

180tablets / 3months
Made in Japan

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