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B.A Eye Cream @cosme

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Item# 18403
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POLA BA The Eye Cream

Core Technology:

Eye skin, the skin is thinner than the other parts of the eye structure is unstable, 20,000 times a day plus blink movement,
Corner of the eye muscles involved movement, bear the burden of intensive.

Thus, with increasing age, the eye leather structure collapsed, we lost the support of the dermis strength, the dermis and the epidermisSplit occurs, the eye began sagging, gives the impression of greater than their real age.

POLA reinforcement construction method in architecture as inspiration, in-depth study of the reasons for the aging eye, BA presented the latest "X-type" to strengthen the remodeling theory.
Strong increase collagen eye, improve eye collagen substrate structural strength, restore full, compact eye Body

Made in Japan

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