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Cleansing Paste White Clay

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Item# 3557
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Rosette Cleansing Paste (White Clay) contains fine-grained white clay powder to cleanse in a very comfortable way without drying the face. Skin is left plump and silky smooth.

White clay provides mild cleansing effect. It adsorbs sebum and removes dead skin cells and impurities, causes of dull complexion, and promotes turnover.

The combination of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen leaves skin moist and elastic.

It contains no perfumes, colourants and mineral oil. It is suitable for even delicate skin.

Suitable for all skin


Made in Japan

How To Use
  1. Dispense a proper amount (about 1 cm) onto the palm of hand.
  2. Add warm water to create lather.
  3. Gently massage the foam over the face.
  4. Rinse with water.
【White Clay】gently cleanses. 【Hyaluronic Acid】hydrates. 【Marine Collagen】leaves skin elastic.
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