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Hair Restoration Essence

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Item# 16767
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Shiseido Hair Restoration Essence

Shiseido according to the growth cycle and the law of women's hair, developed from the women-only hair growth essence, led to a healthy scalp, so that women with high flexibility, high toughness, high gloss healthy hair. Chinese botanical active ingredients and scalp with a soft ingredient, to penetrate deep into the hair and scalp mother cells, hair root cells through activation of the germinal thoroughly nourish the entire environment to prevent the loss, raising the hair shiny. After promoting scared, promote hair, hair growth, fuzz, raising the hair, itchy scalp, prevent hair removal, prevention of disease, postpartum hair removal

1 promotes blood circulation, strengthen hair mother cell activation
2 hair moisturizing, softening ingredients
3 prevent itchy scalp, deep cleaning
4 loss prevention hair roots

How to use:

● container port in direct contact with the scalp, apply a small amount gradually, with his finger gently massage.
● to 4 ~ 5cm intervals of about 10 cells into the scalp, were applied, then all rubbing
● especially for multi-site needs the right amount of coating, and more effectively promote penetration
● when applied before the hair, to prevent entering the eyes, slightly raised his head
● 1 day use morning and evening 2
● Please use after dry water after shampooing, the head of a single dose is recommended all about 2.5ml

Made in Japan

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