SHISEIDO The Collagen Drink (1pc)

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SHISEIDO The Collagen Drink (1pc)

Shiseido’s anti aging collagen drink contains, among other things, 1000mg of low molecular fish collagen, 10mg elastin, 30mg CoQ10, 30mg Hyaluronic Acid, the amino acid GABA and vitamins B2, B6, C and E. It would appear to be a veritable anti aging miracle. Collagen and elastin help to retain suppleness, hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin and a super moisturiser, CoQ10 is an excellent anti oxidant, GABA promotes muscle recovery and the vitamins speak for themselves.

Shiseido The collagen Drink is a food happy beauty that combined components of 12 kinds of beginning with the low-molecular fish collagen 1,000 mg in 1 bottle. (daily recommended dose)

Person who wants to keep the beauty forever
Non-calorie caffeine-preservative additive-free.
Energy (one per 50mL) 7.0kal.
Feel free, those who want to ingest collagen actively
Enrich blending components that support per day 1,000 mg low molecular fish collagen, ginseng and Eucommia leaf, pearl barley, and Amla fruit extract, the beauty. Beauty drink while pulling out the beauty of nature and to support the power tripping from the inside.

1 bottles x 50ml

Made in Japan

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