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Signature Stempower Rich Cream

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An elixir of a cream that promises to turn back the clock by ten years in ten days. The purveyors of the legendary "miracle water" (that would be their Facial Treatment Essence), SK-II has just released the new Stempower suite of products, developed by the Japanese cosmetic giant's in-house team of scientists to address what the brand calls the loss of "radical firmness"—the fundamental sign of skin aging.

Sieve through the cosmeceutical jargon and you'll realize that what the brand claims makes perfect sense: compare the thin, mottled appearance of aged skin with the plump, taut "bounciness" of the youthful countenance sported by SK-II users like Sheila Sim and Godfrey Gao. It makes sense, then, that chasers of youth should look to increasing the so-called "radical firmness" of their skin.

The Stempower cream takes its monicker from a proprietary plant-derived ingredient, StemAcanax, which the company says is extracted from the root of the Siberian Ginseng and blended with their famous Pitera to create a lush, easily absorbed moisturizer that aims to achieve "a ten degree improvement equivalent to improving ten years of visible firmness" in just ten days.


The Stempower Story

SK-II’s research on epidermal root cells revealed that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines. This causes a loss of skin’s ‘radical firmness’, one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple signs of skin ageing: wrinkles; sagging; loss of radiance, skin elasticity and hydration; compromised texture; larger pores; and a sallow complexion. 
SK-II’s worldwide search for ingredients that work on epidermal root cells has led to the discovery of a plant-derived ingredient – Stem-Acanax – taken from the root of Siberian Ginseng, which is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea’s Jeju Island. 
SK-II has combined its signature ingredient Pitera and Stem-Acanax to create the SK-II Stem-Acanex Complex, which has proven efficacious in stimulating epidermal root cells to restore the skin’s radical firmness. 
SK-II has also developed a new measure – the ‘Ageless Vector’ – to measure the angle of sagging or lack of firmness: the larger the Ageless Vector angle (closer to 90 degrees), the lower the radical firmness of skin. SK-II’s longitudinal skin study – the landmark Akita Study – has found that each degree of change indicates approximately one year’s loss in visible firmness. 
Using the Ageless Vector, SK-II Stempower has been shown to restore 10 years of radical firmness in 10 days, SK-II said. Its high active penetration formula targets the source of skin’s beauty to improve the 10 signs of ageing (loss of firmness, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, sallow complexion, lack of resilience, visible pores, sagging, lack of radiance, roughness, and loss of tightened facial contours) in 10 days. The brand claims that the first sign of SK-II Stempower restoring skin’s radical firmness is its immediate pore reduction.


Also formulated with the SK-II Stem-Acanax complex, the Stempower Rich Cream contains �% more skin conditioning ingredients than Stempower to protect skin from severe environmental conditions.


Made in Japan

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