Spa Treatment HAS Stretch I Sheet (Pack of 2)


Spa Treatment HAS Stretch I Sheet (Pack of 2)

<Tripetide>Tripeptide has similar peptide structure as venom which can inhibit muscle contraction and make the skin firm and elastic.

<Collagen Peptide>Collagen peptide, an important factor in the synthesis of collagen, has a peptide structure similar to amino acid sequence and can make the skin radiant.

<Fermented Resveratrol>A polyphenol similar to red wine. After fermentation, it can effectively eliminate inflammation and create ageless beautiful skin.

[Placenta + Arbutin] +new ingredient [Plantago seed extract]
Effectively inhibit melanin and dull skin caused by UV, eliminate skin saccharification, repair dark yellow skin.

<Placenta>Essence extracted from pig placenta. It can whiten skin, inhibit pigmentation, resist wrinkle, moisturize, and so on. 

<Arbutin>Arbutin's plant components can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, thus preventing formation of dark spots.

<Plantain Extract>Inhibit protein denaturation = "saccharification", increase the skin's transparency and elasticity .

In addition, [six kinds of bone collagen ], [5 kinds of hyaluronic acid] and new ingredient of  [β-glucan] are added. 
Use moisturizing ingredients with different molecular weights, functions and effects to make skin supple, soft and charming.

[Closely fit skin +pulling effect]
Wear the mask by pulling it up. Through physical stretching, the skin is pulled compact.

When you are not satisfied with your skin, use this mask several times per week.

(1) After cleansing, use toner or lotion to condition the skin before using this mask. 
Use the forceps attached to take out a mask.
First, apply under the eyes, press and fix with one hand.
Then, use one hand to slowly pull up the eye corner part of the mask and paste the mask well.
※ If suddenly stretch the mask, the mask will lose elasticity, so please pull slowly.  

(2) Wear the mask for 10 minutes, then remove it.
You do not have to wipe the remaining liquid. Use fingertips to massage the skin.
If needed, you can use face cream after wearing this mask.

※ It also can be used for corners of the mouth.
In this case, do not pull the mask, simply apply at the nasolabial line.

How to use the
When it comes to mind the condition of your skin several times a week as you wish.

(1) the use after lotion, Milky lotion, conditioning your skin after washing your face.
With supplied tweezers remove the sheets one at a time.
First of all in the eyes with one hand to fix holds.
Please post the next one hand corner pieces of sheet slowly with moderate force while pulling up on.
* Quickly pulled and stretched, eliminates the need to stretch, so please pull up slowly.

(2) Peel the sheet intact about 10 minutes later.
The amount remaining on your skin gently on your skin using your fingertips.
When using the cream after that please.

60pc (110ml)  * 2

Made in Japan

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