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Hythiol-C Premier Supplements-60 Tablets

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SS PHARMACEUTICAL Hythiol-C Premier Supplements-60 Tablets

Hythiol-C Premiere L-Cysteine is a medicine which is effective for skin stains and freckles and which provides 240mg L-cysteine in a condensed tablet for an adult's daily dose. L-cysteine and vitamin C show effectiveness against skin stains and freckles from the inside of your skin with a three-stage approach.

  • Prevents the excessive production of melanin
  • Makes black melanin which has been deposited in the skin colorless through exhibiting reduction effects
  • Improves the skin's regeneration and smoothly removes keratinous substances which have been deposited with black melanin

L-cysteine is also effective against body fatigue, hangovers, eczema and hives, as well as against skin stains and freckles.Choose from two sizes.


  • 60 tablets

Product Details

  • Effective against skin stains, freckles, deposited coloring from sunburn
  • Effective against bodily fatigue
  • Effective for hangovers
  • Effective for pimples, eczema, hives, rashes


  • Take two doses per day.
  • Persons over 15 years: 2 pills each dose.
  • Persons between 7~14 years: 1 pill each dose.
  • Not suitable for children below 7 years.


L-cysteine 240mg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 300mg, pantothenic acid calcium 24mg, anhydrous silicic acid, cellulose, lactic acid Ca, white sugar, hydroxypropylcellulose, metolose, carbonic acid Ca, carnauba wax, stearic acid Mg, talc, titanium oxide, corn starch, pullulan, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glycol.


  • Discontinue use and seek medical advice if skin rashes occur or if experiencing nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain or  diarrhea after taking.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and away from reach of children.

60 tablets

Made in Japan

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