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Marketing Partnership

At, we are open to all partnerships to promote our sales. Since we are located in the US, we are partial to mainstream American channels. However, as we are expanding our business, we are also interested in Chinese channels. According to our past experience, we are mostly interested in the following contacts.

1. Beauty Blogger and Reviewer
We would like to partner with renownd blogger and reviewer in major channels, such as Youtube, Blogger, Weibo etc. A blogger or Reviewer can request samples or products to try, and we will approve the application on a case by case basis.

2. Deal Publisher
We would like to work with all kinds of deal publishers in major channels, such as Weibo, Twitter, etc. We can do weekly deals, monthly deals, exclusive deals and any other deals you think is interesting. Please also refer to “Affiliate Program” for more information.

3. Chinese Organizations
We are interested in working with local Chinese Organizations. For example, we have worked with CSSA in U.S. universities with a substantial number of Chinese students. If your organization has a major activity or needs an annual sponsorship, feel free to contact us.

4. Major Beauty Magazines
If you are a beauty editor who would like to feature on your magazine, feel free to ask us for any information, pictures or promotions.

5. Trade Show & Show Room
If you are interested in iMomoko marketing partnership, feel free to submit your application to
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