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Order Status

You can always check your order status by logging in to your account.

1. Order Status
There are 5 status updates.
  • PENDING - Your order is placed and is waiting to be verified.
  • PROCESSING – Your order has been verified and we are picking and packing your products.
  • COMPLETE - Your order has been shipped out and an e-mail confirmation will be sent out with a tracking number.
  • CANCELED – Your ordered has been cancelled. We are not obliged to process your order any more.

2. Change/ Cancel Order
Please pay attention to following policies when you change/cancel order.
  • You can only change (add or remove items) or cancel your order when your order is in Pending Status. Please call us or chat with us online for this purpose.
  • Please do not submit an order change/ cancellation by email because it takes much longer. By the time we have read your email, we may have already processed your order and thus no order change/ cancellation will be allowed at this step.
  • Once your order is in PROCESSING status, no further change/ cancellation is allowed.

3. Back Order
When an item is labeled as “back order,” it means the product is out of stock and we are waiting for the item to arrive in our warehouse. To reduce our customers’ waiting time, we will usually ship out partial orders first. As soon as the out of stock item(s) becomes available we will ship out your missing item(s).
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