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S Carat

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Item# 17176
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Refa S Carat 

Capture the light from the solar panel, caused weak current of the popular "lomilomi" esthetics even.
Movement of professional techniques in "at your fingertips gently pinch flush point needing to reproduce.
Gently, in the intensive care of minor points, such as around the eyes and mouth in awaken the soft, rich look.
The special shape the point there compact design with Diakite
More pressurized spots, the woman of delicate skin gently absorbed.
Adopted Platinum coated surface of the roller.

Made in Japan

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Location: Dundas Valley, NSW
good price with good discount 3.22.17
用了refs 4 cart2年了,最近入手 s cart眼部美容器。專門針對眼部肌膚和嘴角紋,法令紋。日本很多地方都斷貨,imomoko不僅有貨還碰上活動,實在太划算。
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