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Carat @Cosme

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REFA Carat @Cosme 

A platinum 360° multi-angular roller fits over every detail of your face and body. With ReFa CARAT you can achieve more youthful, firm looking, beautiful skin. Equipped with Double Drainage* rollers that replicate professional deep kneading manipulations. 

* Drainage is a term that describes a technique performed by professional estheticians, and is not meant to express any effect the product has on your body.

Feel the kneading sensation of ReFa CARAT. With its unique squeezing motion ReFa CARAT is designed to replicate the deep “grip and glide” kneading sensation that an esthetician might include as part of a professional treatment. These actions work to beautifully tone an tighten your delicate skin. The ReFa CARAT works well on various parts of your body such as:

• Jaw line • Face • Underarm • Waist 
• Inner thigh • Neck • Chest

However, once you experience the feel of a ReFa CARAT treatment, you will want to use it over and over. And you can! Try using your ReFa CARAT on your cheeks, calf, chest and more. You will see the same great results wherever you use your ReFa CARAT. Plus it is waterproof so you can take it just about anywhere!

Esthetic Method

Replicate a professional esthetician's “kneading” manipulations. Grip and glide action helps rejuvenate your skin’s radiance and suppleness.


Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing in light with a solar panel fixed into the handle.

Platinum Coating

The surface of each ReFa roller is coated in brilliant platinum, making it compatible for even the most delicate skin.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms to waterprood JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). This product is submersible in water can be used in the bathtub.

Standard Way to Hold

Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand.

Face Line Care

Roll along your cheekbones from the corners of your mouth to the front of your ears.

Face Care

With one roller lifting your cheek upward, roll gently up and down between the corner of your mouth and the side of your nose.

Neck Care

Roll up and down along the line of your neck between your head and the base of your shoulder and neck.

Rolling Method

Roll in both directions along the lines of your face and body, pulling up the areas where the skin is soft.

Upper Arm Care

Roll from your elbow toward your armpit, pulling up as you roll.

Bust Care

Pressing down below your armpit, roll towards the center of your chest as if to gather your bust inward.

Waist Care

Roll up and down along the side of your body, pulling up as you roll.

Made in Japan


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Location: Sunnyvale, California
Great for using in the shower 9.21.17
I like using this product in the shower as it's waterproof and foolproof. I use it to massage the collar bone, under the armpits, face, and neck. I have found a noticeable reducing of water retention and lifting effect.
多切面贴合肌肤 11.18.13
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