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EXAGE White Whitening Target

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ALBION EXAGE White Whitening Target

Forcibly terminating excessive melanin production and turning already-generated melanin white, this whitening serum immediately achieves unprecedented, impeccably pure white skin from deep within.

1. Forcibly prevents the production and proliferation of Accelerator Melanin Protein*, a key substance that triggers excessive melanin production, and delivers powerful reducing and whitening benefits. It immediately achieves unprecedented, impeccably pure white skin from within.
* Protein produced in a melanocyte. It transports tyrosinase produced in the melanocyte to a pre-melanosome.
2. Replenishes every corner of the stratum corneum with moisture to plump up skin cells, making the skin bright, fine-textured and smooth.
3. The richly hydrating and thick base instantly penetrates with a dewy sensation. 
After application, the skin is brimming with moisture and reveals its crystal-clear, pure whiteness.


Made in Japan

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