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Brooklyn Herborium Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment

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Brooklyn Herborium Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment

at least 70% organic/100% vegan

Intended for 
• Fine lines 
• Sun damage 
• Enlarged pores 
• Hyper-pigmentation 
• Breakouts (old, hardened papules)

This light home "peel" has the unique ability to bring a high concentration of vitamin C esters to the skin while using the gentle aha action of Wild Blueberry, Cranberry and Red Raspberry. The vitamin C esters, vitamin E and herbal extracts create a synergetic blend that helps to fight off the assault your skin encounters on a daily basis and protect from an onslaught of from free radicals.

The purpose of the Vita-C treatment is to carefully bring your skin to the “breaking point” of where it is just peeling (usually between 5 and 10 days, though you should go for every other day if you have very sensitive skin) and then stop and let your skin recover (usually 3 weeks to a month). This recovery period is VERY IMPORTANT. You do not want to use any suppressive therapies (such as anti-biotic ointments or steroid/cortisone creams) on your skin during this time. You also want to make sure to EAT WELL, hydrate, and be respectful of the sun.

Those blessed with sensitive skin may want to remove the Vita-C 10 Day Treatment after 5 minutes and moisturize. Hardened and tough skin can leave it on and either apply moisturizer (or Nourish & Replenish Oil mixed with water) over it or simply go to bed and moisturize in the morning.

The 1oz jar of Vita-C 10 Day treatment is enough for a series of 3 “months”. Please be aware to use clean utensils to dip into the jar to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. After 6 months, the product may loose potency. This cycle of peel/recovery may be repeated up to 6 times in a year. (Just listen to your skin and don’t over-do it, OK?)

1 oz.

Made in USA

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