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Face Powder Compact (La Poudre Haute Nuance) VI @Cosme

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Item# 18109
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AE Elegance Paris Face Powder (La Poudre Haute Nuance) VI

Ultimate aesthetic play, superior silky smooth powder, lightly brush like a silky smooth. Colorful hues, showing three-dimensional fine skin. Excellent powder technology, to create a fine silky, sweat-resistant waterproof, long-lasting hold & effect. Create a very elegant, translucent skin touching.

How to use:
Please use the finished foundation makeup on, or just when you want.
Please use a dedicated puff, picks up the appropriate amount and gently pat on the face.
When you want to have more transparent makeup can also use face special brush.

If that is not enough oil control, try pressing way puff pressed for 1 minute or so, almost every part of the nine, ten under, try to imagine the powder is pressed into the pores of the kind of feeling out the effect will be amazing! Always want to feel like effect invisible pores, skin resurfacing feel presents



Made in Japan

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