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EVE Melt Pain Relief Works Without Water (8 tablets)

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Item# 23534
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EVE Melt Pain Relief Works Without Water (8 tablets)

EVE series pain relievers work quickly and effectively against pain.

Recommended if you:

  • Are looking for a pain reliever which can be taken without water.
  • Have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets or capsules.
  • Want non-drowsy relief.

Indications and usage:

・Headache, menstrual cramps, backache, stiff shoulders, toothache, pain from tooth extraction, sore throat, muscular aches, joint pain, nerve pain, ear pain, pain from bruising, pain from bone fracture, pain from sprain, and pain from trauma

・Reduces chills and fever

Take the following dose at intervals of more than 6 hours and do not exceed 2 doses per day. If possible, avoid taking on an empty stomach. Tablet may either be dissolved in mouth or taken with cold or lukewarm water.

1 tablet (15 years of age and older)

Product Features:

  • Can be taken anytime without water for immediate relief.
  • Works well on headache and menstrual cramps with 1 tablet per dose.
  • Easy-to-take, Lemon lime flavoe

8 tablets

Made in Japan


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