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Exideal LED Beauty Treatment Device EX-280 (Take up to 2 Weeks to Ship Out)

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Item# 20762
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Exideal LED Beauty Treatment Device EX-280

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode which illuminates a specific color (wavelength) and is a semiconductor.

One NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) space shuttle mission researched how to grow plants in space.

The LED has many practical applications and contributes to solving many problems. It gets attention from health and beauty businesses.

Nowadays, many of them use it as the most advanced technology. One of the main advantages of this beauty treatment is that it is gentle on the skin, painless, and has no side-effects.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deemed it safe for use on the human body.

Use the 280 of 4 wavelength LED for ultra-high brightness light and ultra-high power. This high-performance and powerful beauty facial device is perfect for home use.

Our original photo-programming system was effectively combined with the 4 wavelength LED. The T-Zone-Care-Program is our newest technology and the latest invention in the beauty industry. It has 10 different programs for skin care treatments.

A variety of the photo skin care programs can be performed easily at home without going to a beauty treatment clinic.

The Beauty-Facial device is extremely safe; non-contact, no ultraviolet rays, and painless.

Our optical design increases the lighting rate and is a high-performance structure. It is the world's first large-face-1 technology to irradiate extensive areas.

It has an automatic-irradiation function called “Wake-Up-Mode” that automatically activates the lighting treatment upon waking from sleep.

Changing from Sounde-Mode to Silent-Mode is an easy operation.

Uses 100% LED power.

◆Normal LED drives approximately 30% power, but Exideal drives 100% power.
◆The pulse irradiation is controlled by the program. You might see 30% of the light power indicated, but the device uses 100% of the light power. The LED maintaines a high effect.
Uses 100% LED power.
The World's First * Large-Face-One Design

The World's First * Large-Face-One Design
The World's First * Large-Face-One Design
It is the World's First large size device to irradiate your entire face. It covers your entire face at once. The light irradiation treatment is very efficient and effective.

It possesses a large size design so you can perform a photo-treatment on all of your body parts. This beauty device easily treats your whole body

. The World's First * Large-Face-One Design  
5.19.2007 Sale Household Facial Equipment

The World's First * Large-Face-One Design
Uses the ultra-high brightness of the 200 LED

●The 500 Nanometer orange light effectively combines with the four wavelength LED for treating your skin.

The orange light makes your skin beautiful.

●The two-hundred LED, output-drive-15W, ultra-high power of the four wavelength (three wavelengths + infrared-light) achieves ultra-high brightness.

The large size of the four wavelength LED is unique and has never been seen in your home before. You could only get a treatment at the beauty salon before, but now you can easily do skincare at your home.
●The four wavelength LED uses a color red LED, yellow LED, and infrared-light. It is four wavelengths of ultra-high power (three wavelengths + infrared-light)

* Infrared light has no color. It is not generated by LED.
Our original optical design increases the irradiation rate.

●The photo-treatment has a more effective result than previous devices due to irradiation effect enhancements which increase rates up to 120% and 130%! Our original optical design consists of the installed LED and a mirror panel with a finished mirror surface of dermis interflection. This optical design makes our product more effective and increases the irradiation rate 120% and 130%.

Our original optical design increases the irradiation rate.
1.It irradiates LED lights to an entire face.
2.Reflects to an entire face
3.Reflcted the Exideal mirror panel liht re-reflects to an entire face.
Hands-Free Irradiation

●You can relax and take care of your skin with this hands-free device.
The portable style of the conventional beauty device can be stressful because it has to be held with your hands. The Exideal is hands-free, you can do other stuff without stress. This beauty-device is ultimate relaxation. You do not have to hold or move the beauty-device for many hours.

Seasonal Total Care

●It has the Season-Total-Care system which makes your skin beautiful. There are four seasons in Japan and your skin has different texture conditions in the winter and the summer. In the summer, skin secretes more oil which unbalances the moisture and oil content of surface skin causing it to become rough. Conversely, skin becomes delicate and dry in the winter. The important thing is to care for skin seasonally. You can rely on Exideal because it has the Seasonal-Total-Care system.

This beauty-device supports total-care for your skin mainly in the spring and summer. It provides a multiplicity of care-support for a short time. It mixes the programs P01, P07, P08 for short time care-support.

This beauty-device provides total-care support for your skin mainly in the fall and winter. It provides a multiplicity of care-support for a short time. It mixes the programs P01, P05, P07 for short time care-support.
Wake with the lights-Wake Up Mode

●The wake-up-mode signals the lights in the morning. The morning lights help to establish routines like going to bed and waking up early. Automatically turn the highlights on by setting the timer and it will alert you the morning. (The alarm clock function does not start irradiation.)

Power Supply Type: Accessory Dedicated Adapter
Rated Input Power(Power Source): DC24V 1A
Power Dissipation:20W
Standby Power Consumption:Under 0.3W
LED Output Drive:5.7W(Maximum)
LED Output Wavelength:420-970nm
Product Dimension: Width 206mm×Length 300mm×Height 30mm
Optimum Temperature:

Operating Temperature Range/-5℃~+40℃ & Storage Temperature Range/-5℃~+45℃

*Exideal Product/1 *Toner/1 * Dedicated Goggles/1
*Exideal Mini AC Dedicated Adaptor/1 *Container/1

Made in Japan

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