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Health Science Vitamin C (1 Month)

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Fancl Health Science Vitamin C (1 Month)

Vitamin C (rosehip Chilean, Brazilian cherry West Indies 1.050MP / day component), vitamin P, vitamin B2.
Each fine equivalent to 18 lemons contain vitamin C amount, effectively complement the body needs, a large increase endurance, improve disinfection to prevent colds.
Supplemental vitamin C can inhibit the generation of pigment spots, promoting send it subsided.
It helps collagen synthesis, maintain skin elasticity.
Prevention of gingival recession, bleeding.
Cancer, rich in collagen helps to prevent the spread of cancer cells; VC antioxidant against free radicals can damage cells prevent mutation of cells; blocking nitrite and secondary amines form highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.
Help absorb iron, promote healthy capillaries, physical fitness, treatment of anemia.
Smokers eat VC help improve the resistance of cells to maintain elasticity of blood vessels, eliminate body nicotine.

90tablets/for a month
Made in Japan

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
perfect 4.26.16
i take this with fracora placenta perfect match!helps brigthen my skin

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