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Perfume Conditioner

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Item# 18506
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HACCI 1912 Perfume Conditioner

Gorgeous white bouquets fragrance heal you.

Every time you use it, your hair become healthier due to a golden coating of honey and Royal jelly.

Three points to beautiful hair.

  • Scalp has a clean and cool feeling, hair has a moisturized and lively shine

    Because carefully selected, high quality silicon is blended, it beautifully coats only the surface of the hair without plugging the pores of the scalp. Your scalp stays clean, fresh, and healthy while your hair retains moisture and a refined cuticle. 

  • Every time you use it, your hair becomes healthier due to a golden coating of honey

    Honey, royal jelly, and sodium hyaluronate are nanoized to allow hair to absorb nutrition quickly and to moisturize every part of the hair. Rich ingredients like organic olive oil, collagen, pearl-derived component, and shea butter further improve the hair's barrier functions. 

  • The fragrance of pretty flowers stays in the bathroom; an aroma trick for adults

    As you wash and condition your hair, you can enjoy the pleasant fragrance that brings an image of a bouquet of white flowers including lilies, white roses, marguerites, camellias, lilies of the valley, jasmine, white clover, and hydrangeas. However, when you dry your hair, the fragrance will naturally dissipate so it will not disrupt the pleasure of an adult woman who wants to wear perfume that has “her own savor.”

* Moisturizing

Made in Japan

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