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Clearup White Mousse

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Item# 23034
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IPSA Clearup White Mousse

Cooling x Brightening

The summer environment renders the skin prone to inflammation deep inside due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, and the stimulated epidermal cells generate a “melanogenesis signal” to promote formation of melanins. The turnover of the skin is also disturbed, and as unneeded layers of stratum corneum containing melanin accumulate, the translucency of the skin is lost.

The new Clearup White Mousse - mousse-type brightening essence, it helps suppress melanin formation, gently removes unneeded stratum corneum, leads to a lush, clear-looking, beautiful translucent skin with a cool sensation.

How to use:

Please use it after washing the skin. Put an amount slightly smaller than the size of a ping-pong ball on a cotton puff, and apply the product to half of the face, starting from the forehead and then to the cheek, in a wiping motion. Apply the product to the other half of the face in a similar fashion.


Made in Japan


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