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KINCHO DANIKONAZU Dust Mite Repellent for Closet

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Item# 22987
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KINCHO DANIKONAZU Dust Mite Repellent for Closet

Just placing the repellent on bedding in a closet is enough.

Naturally derived components and new functional fragrance combine to repel mites.

Naturally derived components repel mites.

This repellent is formulated with naturally derived components contained in lemon eucalyptus and maintains its effects for six months.
Contains no chemical insecticides.

New functional fragrance enhances the mite repelling effect.

New functional fragrance "lilial" masks the sweat and body odors that attract mites to enhance the mite repelling effect!

Neutralize odors remaining in closets and storage.

Neutralize odors with green tea deodorization extract.

Other features

  • Refreshing "Sunny Forest Fragrance" owing to the formulation of "fresh forest fragrance" and eucalyptus oil
  • The repellent can be placed underneath or beside bedding or below drainboards.
  • Equipped with convenient stickers to indicate the replacement timing

Applicable harmful insects:Mites
Valid period:Approx. 6 months
Recommended use:Use one repellent in a closet (90 cm wide x 90 cm high x 90 cm deep)


Made in Japan


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