「2021 New Version」Rohto Melano CC Medical Intensive Recreation Essence

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「2021 New Version」Rohto Melano CC Medical Intensive Recreation Essence


Effectively fight skin spots caused by melanin Melanin, so named for Melano CC. CC Lotion because of its price close to the people, the effect is clear, has a high rating on the Japanese beauty review sites, is Rohto a best-selling popular products for many years. In recent years Melano CC brand in overseas inquiries are also high degree of love is often referred to as "Rohto CC beauty fluid" or "Rohto VC beauty fluid."

Rohto products using specially developed "dual vitamin" recipe, in which the active vitamin C whitening active ingredient containing *, and promote blood circulation Vitamin E derivatives. Rohto specific vitamin penetration technology, the whitening active ingredients to fully penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, to inhibit the production of melanin, the effective prevention of skin spots, to create skin clarity.
In addition the product also added active ingredients and moisturizing ingredients two kinds of anti-inflammatory sterilization. Can effectively prevent acne, acne on the generated moisture can also play a role of Dan.

Melano CC Lotion is non-sticky texture of fresh liquid formulation, vessel design intimate, convenient take drops. Products can be used for partial or full face make-up water after use, drop the check amount, applied to the skin absorption.
* Active form of vitamin C: ascorbic acid

Made in Japan

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