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The Collagen Rich Rich Drink

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SHISEIDO The Collagen Rich Rich Drink

Luxuriously formulated with ingredients for beauty and health. To actively enjoy your everyday life.

The power of “Beauty Fruits”. Beauty starts from within. It runs on. Formulated with Shiseido’s patented ingredients (Lingonberry and amla fruit extracts) for their beauty effect as the combination.

  • Star Fruit Leaf Extract: A yellow-green Beauty Fruit found in tropical Asia region and elsewhere.
  • Gardenia (containing crocetin): Gardenia fruit is a fruit growing up in East Asia and elsewhere.
  • Lingonberry: A red Beauty Fruit with a strong life force growing in extremely cold Northern Europe and the Arctic Circle.
  • Amla Fruit: A yellow-green Beauty Fruit super fruit which has been used as a health food for a long time in India.

Also formulated with beauty-supporting ingredients.

Low molecular weight fish collagen; Moisture Peptide; Ornithine; Coenzyme Q10; Black pepper extract; Elastin; Hyaluronic acid; Ceramide; Vitamin B2; Vitamin C

Nutrition Facts per Serving【50mL/bottle】
Calories:11kcal、Protein:1.2g、 Fat:0g、 Carbohydrates:4.8g、 Sodium:0.04g、 Vitamin B2:4mg、 Vitamin C:100mg
Collagen:1,000mg、 Coenzyme Q10:30mg、 Hyaluronic acid:10mg、 Ceramide:1,200μg

50mL x 10 bottles

Made in Japan

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