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Shugo Densetsu Turmeric Supplements

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Shugo Densetsu Turmeric Supplements

egardless of their well known alcohol intolerance, the Japanese drink a lot! And because of the intolerance, the few hours of sleep and the endless work hours, hangovers are very common, which makes the need for hangover-prevention techniques and recipes all the more necessary. Among them though, there is one that has been known to work best: it's the Ryukyu Shugo Densetsu Turmeric Supplements from Okinawa.

Located between Japan and China, the Ryukyu Islands (aka Okinawa) are subject to influences from both mainland Asia and Japan. These Ryukyu Shugo Densetsu Turmeric Supplements obviously comes from the former since its main ingredient is turmeric. Used as a spice and coloring agent, turmeric is considered one of nature's miracle substances. Even if it doesn't do everything traditional Asian medicine promises, it does work wonders against alcohol as thousands of Japanese will gladly testify.

Just swallow the contents of one bag before you drink. These little pills in the Ryukyu Shugo Densetsu (meaing "heavy drinker's legend") packs are made of 100% Okinawan ukon (the Japanese word for turmeric). These will allow you to enjoy some drinks without worrying about the next day.

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