SUQQU Designing Color Eyes #136 KOIAMI

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SUQQU Designing Color Eyes #136 KOIAMI

SUQQU’s 2020 Pre-Holiday collection takes its inspiration from the Japanese expression "ryourakinshu" 綾羅錦繍 referring to dressing up in elaborate adornments.

"RYOU" 綾 is twill-woven silk, and "RA" 羅 is thin veil-like silk. "KIN" 錦 is colourful silk brocade, and "SHU" 繍 is fabric embroidered with gold and silver threads. When compounded the word denotes the lavish luster of silk, pearls and gold, the vibrant colours of woven silk fabrics, and the ephemeral delicacy of embroidered and dyed materials. All of these qualities are recreated in this collection.

The limited-edition collection includes a blush palette, eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks, all you need to achieve a variety of party-ready looks for the festive season.

A more feminine eyeshadow palette with softer tones. Warm and bright pinks combine with the soft brown to create a subtle yet fun finish.


Made in Japan

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