Yoshikawa 吉川

Yoshikawa Yukihira Saucepan 22cm


Yoshikawa Yukihira Saucepan 22cm

The Yukihira saucepan has been an essential staple of Japanese cooking for hundreds of years. It is a lightweight and versatile pan with no lid that is perfect for a wide variety of common cooking tasks from blanching vegetables to making soups, confectionery and so much more.


The Yukihira saucepan is part of the YOSHIKAWA classic collection of traditional Japanese cookware made in Tsubame, a small city known for high-quality metalworking since its farmers began hand-making iron nails in the 17th century. For 70 years, YOSHIKAWA has carried on the region’s dedication to high-quality metalwork, which has since blossomed from stainless steel flatware to all kinds of household and industrial products. Whether you’re a casual chef or a true professional, depend on YOSHIKAWA to consistently deliver cookware that perfectly meets your needs.

Yoshikawa Stainless Steel Yukihira Saucepan features:


  • Made of lightweight and high-quality stainless steel. Durable and corrosion resistance.
  • Dimpled by hand to maximize its heating capacity and heat retention.
  • Designed with two-sided pour spouts for ambidextrous use.
  • Comfortable, natural wood handle that stays cool to touch
  • Easy-to-read measurements engraved inside for added convenience. 
  • Coating Free, stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Compatible with all cooktops (including induction)
  • Made in Japan. Over 70 years experience

<16cm  YH6751>
Size ( About ) Width 32.6x Depth 16.1x High 7cm /weight ( About ) 405g/capacity ( About ) 1.3L

<18cm  YH6752>
Size ( About ) Width 34 .5Depth 18.1x Height 7.5cm /weight ( About ) 470g /capacity ( About ) 1.7L

<20cm  YH6753>
Size ( About ) Width 37.8Depth 20.2x High 8cm /weight ( About ) 550 g/capacity ( About ) 2L

<22cm  YH6751>
Size ( About ) Width 40.2Depth 22.2x High 8.5cm /weight ( About ) 740g /capacity ( About ) 2.5L


Material / component: Main Unit : Stainless (1.0mm) /Handle : Natural Wood

Made in Japan


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